05 enero 2008

Reedicion Aventura Sin Fin

Os pego aquí una noticia que he visto en nacion rolera, sobre la reedición por parte de Wizards of the Coats de la serie de librojuegos de Aventura Sin Fin, los míticos libros negros de D&D:

RENTON, Wash., Jan. 3 /PRNewswire/ -- Mirrorstone(TM) Books is bringing back "Endless Quest," the interactive series that sold over five million copies when it was first published more than 20 years ago. With "Endless Quest," readers ages 8 to 12 become heroes in their own fantasy quest. Book 1, Claw of the Dragon (January 2008), and Book 2, Search for the Pegasus (July 2008), are the first new installments in this series that enables the reader to take charge of the plot by choosing which action to take at critical points in the story.

A new generation of readers will find that the dragons, wizards, and imaginary worlds are just as exciting as they were in the "Endless Quest" books their parents may have read, but the new series has a modern sensibility. It's "literature that by its nature holds a reader by the throat and doesn't let go," according to English Journal, a publication of the National Council of Teachers of English.

"Children who love to read are intrigued by 'Endless Quest.' We also expect the books to appeal to kids who like video games," notes Mirrorstone Senior Editor Nina Hess. "The text mimics the gaming environment by allowing the reader to control the action."

Siempre es bueno que se saquen más libros, pero por qué esta manía con las reediciones? Basta ya de nostalgia!

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